Effective Direct Mail 

50% of consumers prefer receiving direct mail than email.

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Sending handwritten envelopes with your marketing message increases the response rate.

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Several of our customers have a great response rate sending handwritten envelopes


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Today it is again part of a functional and profitable marketing mix that has shown excellent results.


Sending letters and advertising brochures was part of the usual communication for decades, until a few years ago.


With the arrival of email, the direct mail service was reduced; however, it stayed on the on the shadows and today it has emerged again.

Get Response with Handwriting.

Direct mail does is not as saturated such as email, social networks, messages, etc. With so much information, few people open messages from unknown senders in an inbox; Some are even automatically classified as ‘spam’ and are never even seen.


The statistics prove it. 73% of Internet users use the Internet to check their email. However, out of 90 emails sent, only 10 of them are opened on average. Hence, it is unknown how many readers end up reading them in detail or stop and abandon it in the first paragraph. The opening rate of a campaign by email is around 11%.


However, a recent study conducted by the company Epsilon, revealed that 50% of US consumers prefer direct mail to email. This is because consumers feel more confident and pay special attention to what is advertised. The contact is more direct!

The Best Kept Secret for House Flipping 

 Find more house sellers and get better results. 


Stop promoting like everybody else.

Most of our clients send 10-30 thousand envelopes every month and get several interesting properties for flipping and remodeling.

Step 1
Send a File

With the destinatary name and information that should be written in each envelope

Step 2
Select content

Inside the handwritten envelopes you can order any kind of printed material or use your own.

Step 3
Mail Envelopes

Send envelopes from your locations avoiding mail farm addresses.

A reliable traditional method with a Twist

Increase your results with the use of direct mail.


Envelopes handwritten from $ 0.50!

The Best Kept Secret of Direct Mail


Reach people in a different way!

But all these encouraging statistics are not the end of the story: Hand-lettering is a determining factor that considerably increases the positive results in your business. Stand out of the advertising that arrives daily at the mailboxes of the home sending envelopes labeled by hand,  will raise the rate of opening what will bring consequently that the prospects have a better contact with the information of their product or service.


A handwritten envelope, even knowing that it is advertising, awakens the interest of the person who receives it, increasing the opening rate.


A study showed that 60% said they enjoy receiving envelopes in their mailboxes.

Being a practice that has been lost with digital technology, direct mail is part of an emotional connection with the adult client; and for the new generations, this is part of a unique experience. A lot of the younger adults have never received a letter in their hands so the impact is unmatched!

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