Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use handwritten direct mail?


Any company or institution that requires higher opening rates. 

Handwritten direct mail is a very effective marketing technique that brings house flipping companies, health institutions, insurance companies, financial services, funeral services, real estate, travel agencies, great results.

What else can you send?


In addition to the letters, it is possible to add postcards, any kind of envelopes, business cards, discount coupons, courtesies, flyers or brochures among others.


We can produce all printed material, either in color or black and white, with constant or digital variable information.

    What are the costs?


    As you can see, there are thousands of options and requirements, including the internal material, the kind of printing, static or variable information, etc. So we are ready to discuss your requirements and provide you all the costs.


    Plain handwritten envelopes without additional requirements can cost you as low as $0.35 USD plus export and shipping.

    Is there a minimum order?

    Handwritten direct mail will give you better ROI than other advertising, but to see results you should mail to large audiences.

    Effectivemailbox is a service abroad, therefore to take advantage of our low prices, the export and shipping expenses should be used for a minimal amount of 10,000 pieces of handwritten material.

      Why is important that the envelopes are handwritten?

      Studies carried out by the marketing company Epsilon, showed that the opening rates of handwritten mail are much larger than those envelopes labeled digitally. 

      A handwritten envelope does not suggest that it comes from a company, so the chances of opening are very high.

      Can you only label the envelopes?

      Envelope labeling is the most requested service, but if you require different uses of the handwritten service, it can be added according to your needs. 

        What information can be there?


        We accept any text that has an advertising-informative purpose. The content of the text can, for example, an invitation to know a service or product, to ask if they would be interested in selling their second-home, among many other purposes. Some of our clients send new products or services, as well as discounts or promotions.


        EffectiveMailbox does not accept hate, political, racial-abuse, intolerance, racism, discrimination, sexual content or any information seeking violence, extortion or intimidation. We only accept advertising material, and we reserve the right to reject any text that does not follow our moral policies.

        What advantage does EffectiveMailbox have over other similar services?


        There are several services around the world offering this kind of service, but the shipping costs and times make difficult to work with. As we are located in Mexico, the delivery costs and times are significantly reduced, which makes it a cost-effective process.


        India provides such kind of services, but the shipping costs and times to the United States and Canada are very high.


          What is the work process?


          The digital file with the contact information including name and address should be sent in (XLS or XLXS Excel). In addition, if you need printed material inside the envelope, you should send us the proper file as well.


          Do not forget to include the sender’s address as well.


          Once we receive such file with the list of names and addresses, our writers will start writing on each envelope or postcard.


          If required, the inside material can also have a brief written text, a signature or some type of information before getting inside the envelope. This kind of customization will be valued by your client.


          Each envelope is submitted to quality control where the written name and address is compared with the original list.


          If the envelopes have printed media inside, the material is folded and inserted in the envelopes which are finally sealed so you just need to drop them in the post office.


          In case the printed material is also personalized in any way, even digitally-printed a second quality control procedure is performed to guarantee that the envelope information matches the inside letter.


          Finally, the produced envelopes or postcards are sent by air parcel to your business, so you can send it to your customers with a postal stamp from your own location. This will prevent you from being identified as a bank, notice of debts or any other reason that will make the receiver dispose of the letter.

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