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  • 100% person-made handwriting.
  • Quality control and data verification.


  • Affordable prices.
  • Additional design and offset printing service are offered if needed.


  • We are a company located in Mérida, Mexico and currently ship to the United States and Canada.


Why Handwriting?

Companies of all kinds began to lose effectiveness in mail marketing due to the low opening rates of the advertising material they sent to their target customers, therefore they began to rely on a new alternative that quickly proved greater effectiveness, besides giving a warmer and closer contact with their prospect: HANDWRITTEN DIRECT MAIL.

In spite of the current technologies, handwritten direct mail reborn as a new marketing success in the United States and Canada.

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About Our Service


Very Effective

Handwriting marketing techniques have taken new relevance in the digital era because people are not used to seeing handwritten material.



Even more, they rarely receive in their mailboxes this kind of stuff. People enjoy receiving handwritten envelopes in the mailbox.


Join the Success

We are preferred by several US companies, and we currently ship them thousands of envelopes, letters, and postcards every month.


Our Advantages 

full service…

In addition to the letters, it is possible to add postcards, any kind of envelopes, business cards, discount coupons, courtesies, flyers or brochures among others.

  • We can produce all printed material, either in color or black and white, with constant or digital variable information.

Affordable price

As you can see, there are thousands of options and requirements, including the internal material, the kind of printing, static or variable information, etc. So we are ready to discuss your requirements and provide you all the costs. 

  • Plain handwritten envelopes without additional requirements can cost you as low as $0.35 USD plus export and shipping.

Excellent location

There are several services around the world offering this kind of service, but the shipping costs and times make difficult to work with.

  • As we are located in Mexico, the delivery costs and times are significantly reduced, which makes it a cost-effective process.

Handwritten direct mail is a very effective marketing technique

send any text that has an advertising-informative purpose.

Ideal for house flipping companies, travel agencies, financial services, etc.

About us

EffectiveMailbox.com is the marketing brand for handwriting services of Quick Print, S.R.L.C.V. a Mexican company created since 1992. 


Quick Print is a digital and offset printing and marketing company located in the peaceful and wonderful city of Mérida, Yucatán, México. Our website www.quickprint.mx describes our local services and backs our experience.

EffectiveMailbox is a reliable service:


Our customers send thousands of direct mail pieces every month with great returns to their investment.


  • We are a company since 1992.
  • We are registered taxpayers in Mexico, and we do all the export according to the international trading laws.
  • We can produce any printed material to apply the handwritten service.
  • We ship regularly to the US and Canada.

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